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At Albuquerque City

Shooting Range Park


Open play is on Saturday and Sunday's from 9 am to 4 pm, this means anyone is welcome to come play and can walk on with other groups

Prices are as follows.

Entry Fee- $20 per person and includes all day play as well as all day airfills. We fill HPA only.

Rental Fee- $15 per person, this includes a mask, paintball marker (gun) and a paintball harness. Rental does not include coveralls or armor so pants and long sleeved are encouraged. All paint washes out.

Paintballs- $15 per 500 or a case of 2000 for $45. 

Group rates come with entry, rental and 500 paintballs.

Group of less than ten is $50 per person.

Group of ten to twenty is $45 per person.

Group of twenty or more is $40 per person.


When- First and third Saturday of the month.

How much- $15 for all day play

$3 for all day HPA fills

$18-$25 for Bio BB's

$25 for rental M4 airsoft gun, (must use field bb's for rentals.)

Airsoft is managed by a group of people who mix in strategic gametypes and  clever props to facilitate a experience that won't soon be forgotten.  For an up to date idea of exactly when a game is coming check out their Facebook or click the button below

Our Fields

Ruckus Paintball offers three fields of play with over six acres of playing space.

  1. THE ALAMO- Our largest field with plenty of room to play games such as Zombies, Capture the Flag and large scale team elimination! A fort up top gives cover for defending teams and a WWII plane in the middle of the field sets the stage for epic battles.

  2. TIRE HYPERBALL- This one acre field is superb for team elimination and small capture the flag! Asymmetrical field makes matches even and fast paced.

  3. RUCKUS TOURNAMENT FIELD- Regulation sized field with the most up to date inflatable layouts and full synthetic turf. This is the field played around the world in national tournaments such as NXL and Millenium  Series.