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Age limit is 10 years and up


  1. No alcohol or illegal drugs allowed! No exceptions, even on private parties.

  2. Keep your mask on! The only place masks may be removed is outside of the playing area. This is for your safety.

  3. Please stay at least 10 feet away from the nets while spectating.

  4. Keep your barrel cover on! All players must carry a barrel cover with them at all times. This is for your safety and the people around you. Please note that barrel plugs are not allowed. If you don't have a barrel cover, you will need to purchase one.

  5. Watch that trigger finger! If you are not on the field in an active game there is no reason you should have your finger on the trigger.

  6. No physical contact! Fighting is not allowed and you will promptly be asked to leave.

  7. No rude or foul language. Paintball is enjoyed by all ages and language should be kept PG-13.

  8. No cheating! Our refs are trained to spot hits and will catch you if you play on.

  9. No overshooting! Anything over three hits will be addressed.

  10. No blind fire! This is when you are firing without looking, you are not hitting anything and it is a hazard.

  11. Dead players don't talk! Once eliminated, do not talk to your team.

  12. Referees are here for your safety! Please respect all referee decisions as they are final. 

  13. Do not move, climb on or disassemble any of or obstacles!

  14. Friendly fire does count and does happen! 

  15. We have a strict 280 fps rule, if you bring your own marker please report to a referee so they can get you chrono’d and playing. You must check your fps every time you come out and play. no exceptions.

  16. Do not shoot the wildlife! We will ask you to leave.

  17. Have fun! Any player that disrupts the fun of others will be ask to leave. Please report a toxic player to a referee and we will handle accordingly.

  18. Stay hydrated! Water should be brought or purchased at Ruckus.

Pre booked Paintball Packages 

$35 per person

$50 Per Person

Basic Package.jpg
Standard Package.jpg

Standard prices are,
Entry Fee-$25
Rental equipment-$15
500 paintballs-$15
2000 paintballs-$55

Group 2019.jpg

Field Map

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