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Equipment Rules

Fps (feet per second) Limits are as follows;

AEG is 400fps

HPA/Gas guns are 320fps with .32 bb's or 1.55 joules.

Squad support or LMG's are 450fps with a 50 foot minimum engagement distance.

Sniper rifles are 500fps with a 50 foot engagement distance.

Equipment Requirements-

Full seal eye protection that is rated for airsoft or paintball. Must meet or exceed ASTM standards.

Face mesh or equivalent is required.

Barrel covers are required at all times, in the parking lot and safety area. Do not bring any gun into the safety area without a barrel cover.

Magazines must be removed at all times until you're physically on the field.

Pistols must be holstered at all times until you're on the field.

If you do not have a barrel cover one can be purchased at the field for $6.

Airsoft is played on the first and third Saturday of every month.

Entry fee is $20 and includes all day play and air if needed.

Rental equipment is $25 and includes a rental gun and paintball mask.

We require field bb's through our rental guns and those can be purchased for $11 or $22 at the field. Rental guns are first come first serve. If you would like to reserve some for a game, give us a call and we will require payment for the rentals ahead of time.

Games start at 9A.M. and go until close 4P.M.

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